Thursday, August 29, 2013

McDonald's Behind Missing Wings

You may remember that we alerted you earlier this year to the National Chicken Council's chicken-crap filled press release blaming higher chicken wing prices on the back of ethanol.

They conveniently ignored higher energy, marketing and profit costs.

They distorted the actual use of ethanol to slant their story.

And they timed their clucky release to scare consumers buying chicken wings for the Super Bowl.

That's a crappy thing to do.

It was a chicken crap story then and remains so today.

But new revelations show that there was another major reason for higher chicken costs this year.

Apparently, McDonald's has been hording chicken for their new national release of chicken wings.

According to this report in The Week,
To prepare for the tsunami of chicken wings, McDonald's has probably been stockpiling them for 18 months, analyst Nick Setyan told Vanessa Wong at Bloomberg Businessweek.
The national roll out of chicken wings at McDonald's is expected to be a winner with over 250 million wings sold in the first few weeks alone.

That demand, bundled with skyrocketing fuel costs, can explain the higher costs.

Source: The Week, "is McDonald's to blame for last year's chicken wing shortage?"


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