Monday, December 2, 2013

Take Action: EPA Slashes 2014 RFS Requirements

The National Corn Growers Association is asking its members, friends in the agriculture community and the general public to tell the EPA that they oppose EPA's proposed rule to slash the amount of ethanol in 2014.

Use this link to submit your comments

For 2014, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a 1.4 billion gallon reduction in how much corn ethanol will be required under the Renewable Fuel Standard, the federal law that helps get domestic, renewable, cleaner-burning corn ethanol blended in the nation’s fuel supply. This will reduce already-low corn prices and negatively affect planting decisions in 2014.

We need your help today. The EPA is accepting comments on the proposal until 11:59 p.m. EST January 28, 2014. Please use the links below to send a response and tell the EPA it needs to maintain the RFS for corn ethanol at 14.4 billion gallons. Your comment will be public and discoverable on the Internet. Please click on one of the links below and take five minutes to send a brief response directly to the EPA.

Source: National Corn Growers Association / RFS


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Take a Stand for Lower Gas Prices

The EPA's recent decision to drastically reduce the amount of renewable fuels needs to be overturned.

Renewable fuels like ethanol are cleaner burning, perform better and reduce costs.  And it helps to reduce the foreign oil we purchase.

Tell the EPA that their new proposed rule is a bad, bad idea.  Every comment counts.  You can bet the oil companies will be sending their dirty, oil-covered comments too.

FuelsAmerica has an online form to allow you to send your comments to the EPA.

The Obama Administration is proposing to drastically reduce the amount of renewable fuel blended into the nation’s gas supply next year. This draft plan would raise gas prices and undermine the growing American industry that is helping to move us off oil. Reducing the amount of renewable fuel in our gas means replacing it with oil. Since renewable fuel is cheaper than petroleum, this proposal would cost American drivers more than $7 billion in higher gas prices. It would also give a huge handout to the oil companies, more than $10 billion in new profits. President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) need to know that you oppose plans to use less clean fuel. Please leave a comment below to make your voice heard, and we will send them to the EPA. America can't afford to spend more at the pump. 
To help you write your comment, we've shared some suggested language you can use, or you can write in some of your own messaging in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS): Recent analyses have shown that cutting renewable fuel use will hand over $10 billion to the oil companies – that’s money out of everyday Americans pockets. If this proposal goes through, American jobs are at risk, and we will lose the chance to attract new companies and investments to the U.S. It’s not just gas prices and jobs that have me worried. Oil is bad for the environment. Using more oil – and less clean renewable fuel – will increase pollution.  
 Help keep access to cleaner, cheaper fuel that is good for our economy and our environment.
Send your comments to the EPA

Source: FuelsAmerica


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