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***Food and Fuel Quiz, 5-11-08***

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Weekly Trivia Quiz, May 11, 2008

How good are you at Food and Fuel trivia for the week? Try our new weekly trivia quiz. Answers and scoring below the questions. Post your scores in the comments. Good luck!

1. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) opposes new food safety funding efforts because a) imported foods shouldn't be singled out b) who needs more taxes? c) it would be costly to food companies?

2. Representative Dingell praised the drug industry for working with Congress on the safety issue. Which industry did he mention was a "marked contrast"?

3. According to BusinessWeek, Is Ethanol Getting a Bum Rap?, what percentage of the record corn crop was used to make ethanol?

4. The average price of gasoline this week is HIGHER or LOWER than $3.60 a gallon?

5. The average price of diesel is $4.15 a gallon. How much more a gallon is this from last year at this time?

6. Robert Zubrin and Gal Luft wrote in the Chicago Tribune that US farmers grow record crops to feed the world. Which two countries did he mention are now needing more food as they move out of poverty as a primary cause of price increases?

7. In that same article, what was the second factor?

8. On their new website,, the Illinois Farm Bureau list five factors affecting food prices. Name them.

9. Senators introduced new energy legislation this week, Consumers First Energy Act,. According to Senate Majority Leader Reid, he wants to a) have a party with Big Oil to celebrate their new wealth b) invite them to dinner c)
"hold them accountable for unconscionable price-gouging and force them to invest in renewable energy or pay a price for refusing to do so."

10. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is increasing postage due to escalating fuel costs. How much does a one-cent increase in fuel price cost the Post Office per year in increased expenses?

BONUS QUESTION: (also worth 10 points)

B1. Last summer which famous motorcycle company built an E85 Chopper?


Earn 10 points for each correct answer.

100 points : Food and Fuel Champ
80-90 points : Great! Keep it up.
60-70 points : Good, but you can do better.
10 - 50 points : Need to visit the site more often
0 points : Are you working for Big Oil?


1. c) It would be costly to food companies
2. food manufacturers
3. 22%
4. Higher ($3.613)
5. $1.35 a gallon more than last year
6. China and India
7. Price of Fuel
8. Energy, Inflation, Demand, Weather, and Labor
9. c) "hold them accountable for unconscionable price-gouging and force them to invest in renewable energy or pay a price for refusing to do so."
10. A one-cent increase in fuel costs USPS more than $8 million in higher fuel costs per year.

B1. Orange County Chopper

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