Monday, July 6, 2009

Al Franken Backs Ethanol

Minnesota Senator Al FrankenWith the disputed Minnesota senate seat finally decided, it's good to see that the incoming senator, Al Franken supports ethanol and renewable energy.

In this MN Post article, Franken shared his thoughts on the Climate Change bill and its strong ethanol components:
"What we're talking about here is the science of how ethanol affects our carbon footprint," Franken said. "The science to me tells me it helps. I've looked at this a lot, and it seems to me that ethanol already helps our carbon footprint and it's only getting more efficient in the way it's produced. Corn ethanol is a step on the way to cellulosic ethanol, which is also going to benefit Minnesota. I'm in the pro-ethanol camp."
The state of Minnesota has been a strong supporter of ethanol. This is not a new policy direction for Franken or for the state. On his campaign website, he states his support for renewable energy:
Today, I think we need a new “Apollo project” – this time to fundamentally change our energy policy and end our reliance on foreign oil.

The natural resources we have right here in Minnesota – not just corn and soybeans and biomass and wind, but innovation and creativity and brainpower – can lead to amazing breakthroughs if we commit to this undertaking.

This “Apollo project” should provide financial support for research into new forms of renewable energy and development of currently-identified sources to make them more efficient. Of course I’m talking about corn ethanol. But I’m also talking about cellulosic ethanol and other biofuels. I’m talking about solar power. And, especially here in Minnesota, I’m talking about wind power. We live in a windy state!
He goes on to write that through renewable energy, America can improve the environment, make the nation more secure and less dependent on foreign oil and also create high-tech, high-paying jobs in conservation and R&D.

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