Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What Would You Ask the Big Oil Execs?

Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global WarmingAs we mentioned yesterday, the Big Oil executives are testifying before the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming today.

They will be answer questions concerning high oil and gas prices, excess profits, and resistance to alternative fuels .

What would you ask?

Why are gas prices so high? What are they doing to help Americans? Why are we so dependent upon foreign oil?

Post your comments below.

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Michael A. Gregory said...

Since we get 15% to 20% of our oil from Canada and about half of Canada's oil production comes from oil sands, I would ask how that is going to the effect greenhouse gas emissions of our fuel. It is estimated that oil sands production produces 3 times the ghg emissions of convention oil recovery techniques and the refining of oil sands oil is estimated to produce about 15% more ghg emissions.

Also since oil sands production involves strip mining large sections of forest I would ask when a land use study is going to done to access how those actions are effecting the environment.

A new energy balance study taking into account the increased use of oil sands oil would also be nice.

boernegang said...

The CEO of Exxon said their profits are inline with other industries. What other industries are reporting $123 Billion in profits???