Friday, May 22, 2009

America's Energy Source Choice: Midwest or Middle East?

America Energy Source Midwest or Middle East
As Americans commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of American service personnel this holiday weekend, it reminds us of the tremendous cost that America continues to pay in blood, sweat, and billions of dollars to protect oil supplies around the world.  

America must continue to invest in domestic sources of energy.  And the simple reality is that we can move forward quickly with proven, earth-friendly technologies like bio fuels now.  Future technology discoveries will build upon the structure that is in place and growing now.

But it will all be lost if opponents get their way to label bio fuels as "unworkable",  "expensive", or "dirtier" than fossil fuels.

So this weekend, the choice remains.  Where should America get its energy?  

The Midwest or the Middle East?

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