Thursday, July 2, 2009

Never Been on a Farm. And it Shows.

Last month we told you about EPA bureaucrat Margo Oge who testified before Congress that "It takes 64 acres for corn ethanol and over 400 acres for a gallon of biodiesel.”

She seemed like she's never stepped foot on a farm but was confidently testifying before congress on how much corn it takes to make ethanol.

As a leading EPA official, specifically the Director of Transportation and Air Quality, you'd think she'd know a bit more about what she's testifying about before congress.

Apparently not.

Maybe the urban legislators took her claims as facts. But ag legislators and farmers know better.

With a corn yield average of 151 bushels per acre, and each bushel weighing 56 pounds, her claim that it takes 64 acres to make one gallon of ethanol is just ridiculously uninformed. 541,184 pounds of corn to make just one gallon of ethanol?

The truth is that it takes less than three bushels per gallon and there's still value in the many co-products left from the ethanol production process.

Maybe she doesn't know where farms are located in America? Maybe she thinks food just magically shows up in her kitchen? Maybe she's never met a real farmer?

Senator Charles Grassley Iowa ethanol farm EPA
So to help her and her colleagues out, Senator Charles Grassley (IA) has announced that he's invited EPA bureaucrats to a real working farm to help them get a better understanding of American agriculture:
EPA has recently gone into four regulations that would be very detrimental to agriculture. And this one woman bureaucrat that -- and it's not because she's says woman -- it could be a man, too - never been on a farm. And can you imagine that? Doing all these things to harm agriculture and never been on a farm?

So we're bringing these people to Iowa in September the 3rd to -- to see a family farm and to visit an ethanol plant and to look to see what we're doing in agriculture.

Now, maybe we won't change their mind, but at least they won't be doing everything out of ignorance.
It should be a real eye-opener to these many desk-bound administrators on what it takes to feed and fuel America and the world.

Check out the video of her testimony. Her wild claims start at the 1 minute mark.

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