Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Senator Thune Opposes EPA Indirect Land Use Proposal

John Thune ethanol South Dakota Opposition continues to grow against the EPS's recent decision to include carbon outputs resulting from indirect land use in other countries when calculating ethanol's lifecycle carbon emissions.

Senator John Thune (SD) recently spoke out against the EPA's decision:
"Homegrown biofuels are a major component of our nation's strategy for energy independence, but the EPA's decision to measure carbon resulting from foreign indirect land use undercuts this effort," said Thune. "Ethanol is a clean, renewable fuel that creates thousands of jobs in this country, and the federal government should not use unproven models to undermine its success. This new EPA rule is a major blow to the renewable fuels industry."
Opponents to ethanol continue to use shaky science to support their arguments.  All the while, the US continues its dependence on foreign high-priced oil.

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