Wednesday, May 25, 2011

President Orders Federal Fleet to Use Alternative Fuels

President Obama wants the federal fleet, the largest fleet of light duty vehicles in America, to use alternative fuels by 2015.

In his Presidential Memorandum released Tuesday, he outlined his goal to  "reduce oil imports by one-third by 2025 and putting one million advanced vehicles on the road by 2015."
"By December 31, 2015, all new light duty vehicles leased or purchased by agencies must be alternative fueled vehicles, such as hybrid or electric, compressed natural gas, or biofuel. Moreover, agency alternative fueled vehicles must, as soon as practicable, be located in proximity to fueling stations with available alternative fuels, and be operated on the alternative fuel for which the vehicle is designed. Where practicable, agencies should encourage development of commercial infrastructure for alternative fuel or provide flex fuel and alternative fuel pumps and charging stations at Federal fueling sites."
This good news means that the Federal government will practice what it preaches by actually buying alternative fuel vehicles and ensuring that fueling stations are available.

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