Thursday, May 8, 2008

Food Price Problem: Outrageous Oil

energy problem food fuel cost pricesWhy are food prices on the increase?

The Illinois Farm Bureau wants to provide consumers with the proper answers.

A new website,, explains the five major reasons food prices are on the rise: Energy, Inflation, Demand, Weather and Labor

Energy prices are the #1 reason your grocery bill is higher. And the new site offers additional information why:
Gas Tanks
Truck drivers who bring food to the grocery store have taken a beating at the gas pump– even more than you have. The cost of diesel has jumped twice as much as regular unleaded gas. To keep on truckin,’ trucking companies need to pass some of that increase onto food companies, grocery stores, and the end consumer.

Oil-Based Products
Everything from Styrofoam egg cartons to plastic wrapping around juice boxes is made from petroleum. Food companies try to absorb as much of this costs as possible, but sometimes they need to raise prices to recoup.

Electric Bills
Is your budget billing going up? You’re not alone. Food companies have to pay more for the electricity they use to process and package the food so that it is safe and convenient for you.
Check all of the sections on the new site for additional information on why food costs are increasing and what you can do to minimize the impact to you.

Source: IL Farm Bureau

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Lifelinearizna said...

We need help NOW!!!! We the people need to stop the price Gouging of our Fuel Products. Where does it STOP!!Our Brothers&Sisters are giving there lives for WHAT? Wheres he oil? Wheres the OIL? I understood that We The U.S.A Were going to get Repayment in OIL? Why our our people Dying for what? If you make $150.00 per day and it cost you $40.00 per day to drive to and from work that leaves you with $110.00- Taxis. if it cost you $130.00 per day to pay your bills and for your home your n trouble. YES? WE meed to use our own oil supply and drive down the demand on foriegn oil Even though we get most of our oil fromMEXICO/Canada. Its nly time before Mexico charges $150.00 Per Barrel. Think Not.Your just fooling yourself. The Alaskin oil on the north slope goes to JAPAN. WHAT!!! Les keep it here let them buy from one of these other JOKERS. Why does this Country always have to pay the toll for these other Countrys? WHAT ABOUT US? We give and give and give. WHAT ABOUT US? wE NEED TO USE OUR OIL. OUR 100 year supply.YES If you don't think we will have other ways to power ur Cars/Trucks/Airliners/Jets/Tractors. your just fooling your self. If the price of oil is not Brought under control a Gallon of Milk Will cost you and Other Americans more than a Gallon of Gas. FACT If we use our reserves. We can Decrese the price of Crude oil. ITS CALLED SUPPLY AND DEMAND. Heard about this????? Every Americian needs to take a stand. Don't let our great country be Held hostage by these CRAZY PEOPLE. United we Stand!!!Were not rollovers? Are we?