Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hog Producer: Higher Priced Corn does not equate with higher priced meat

A Minnesota hog producer challenges some popular misconceptions about the price of food.

Judy Hanson raises corn and beans, and finishes hogs on her family farm in St. Peter, Minn. She also maintains a blog on the Internet. Hanson told her readers that after reviewing her costs and payments, higher corn prices raised the cost of her hog production by about 6 cents per pound.

Hanson says the relationship between corn and food prices is not as tight as it once was. “In fact, history tells us, the prices of corn and the price of retail meat have been decoupled,” she notes. “Looking at the years 2001-2005 shows a couple of years when the price of corn went down and the price of beef and pork went up.”

“Even though we are paying more for corn today, it has little effect on the price of meat to the consumer,” she says.

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