Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cash for Clunkers Raids Clean Energy Fund

Car Allowance Rebate System Cash for Clunkers
Look out, Congress is raiding the clean energy cookie jar!

"Cash for Clunkers" might sound good to many. It's helping to put new cars into driveways of Americans across the country. (Isn't that a lot like a "chicken in every pot?")

But it's disheartening to learn that Congress may fund additional billions for the program from monies meant for clean renewable energy development.

The House voted last week 316 to 109 to add an additional $2 Billion to extend the program and to take the money from the clean energy fund as part of the American Recovery and Investment Act.

There's a blog post from the House leadership to "return" the money.

But, who's going to really notice?

The senate may vote this week, and as soon as today, to pass similar legislation.

America needs to continue to make investments in renewable energy infrastructure.

Is raiding Peter to pay Paul really the best approach?

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