Thursday, June 9, 2011

Renewable Energy Production Promotes America’s Security, Boosts Economy

Renewable energy production promotes America’s security and boosts the US economy.

That's the message shared from the United States Department of Agriculture.

In a blog published today by USDA's by Dallas Tonsager, Undersecretary, USDA Rural Development, he writes about his first-hand experience as a farmer in South Dakota: "I saw firsthand how the investments in biofuels benefited rural Americans by creating jobs and capturing wealth locally. Leaders in the community got together, made commitments to invest in renewable energy projects, and shared in the success of the projects once they matured."

He goes on to write:
"Renewable energy production is smart for our country both strategically and economically. As gas prices have gone up, we are reminded that oil supplies are fragile and that global events and speculation can have a large effect on the price. Whether it is tumult in the Middle East or hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico, the long and complex supply chains for petroleum energy can be disrupted by a multitude of events."

Read the rest of the blog HERE.

Producing renewable energy here in America is a wise choice.  We're creating jobs, increasing energy security, and reducing our dependence upon foreign energy sources.

Source: USDA


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