Saturday, June 4, 2011

NASCAR Goes Green with American Ethanol

For the 2011 season and as part of its long-term commitment to "going green," NASCAR has embraced American Ethanol by using 15% ethanol for its high-performance race cars.

NASCAR has partnered with American Ethanol to bring the American-grown, clean burning, renewable ethanol to its races.
"NASCAR is committed to being an environmental leader, and the sport has taken significant steps over the years toward conservation by introducing measurable, best-in-class initiatives in recycling, alternative energy, and carbon mitigation," said Brian France, chairman and CEO of NASCAR.

The E15 fuel will be provided by Sunoco.

"We're proud to be part of NASCAR's dedication to conservation with Sunoco Green E15 -- the ultimate high-test ethanol fuel blend. In our six years as official fuel partner, Sunoco has changed with the times by helping NASCAR transition to unleaded fuel, and now we are eager to produce for the sport a high-performance ethanol blend."
The Sunoco Green E15 will be blended at Sunoco's fuel facility in Marcus Hook, Pa. The American-grown and American-made corn ethanol will come in part from Sunoco's new ethanol plant in Fulton, N.Y. 

NASCAR has an informative video on their move to E15 fuel.

This week's race, the STP 400, will be at the Kansas Speedway and will be shown on the Fox network on June 5, at 1pm ET.


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