Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gas Prices Climbing Higher; Americans Suffer

average gas gasoline prices petroleumThe average price of gasoline jumped again last week  up 7 cents to a national average of  $2.31 per gallon.

Although less than last year at this time, American consumers again are seeing gas prices climb higher each week.  

And many can ill afford to spend more at the pumps.  

While others continue to be outraged that billions from the American economy are going overseas to fuel jobs and mayhem in unstable countries.

The outpouring of money from America continues to fuel our trade deficit.

We can only wonder the "real" price of protecting foreign sources of oil.  More billions of dollar.  And of course, thousands of American lives have been lost in this cause as well.

Renewable fuels developed and produced here in America offer real hope in cleaning the environment, creating jobs and increasing American national security.

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