Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lawn Mowers Run on Ethanol Too!

lawn mower e85 ethanol food vs fuel renewable energyUPDATE 6/11, B& G has an updated page on using ethanol up to 10%

Gasoline used MUST NOT contain more than 10 percent 


In addition, Toro states in their mower section :

Ethanol fuel:  Gasoline with up to 10% ethanol is acceptable to use per engine manufacturers guidelines. 

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Critics of renewable fuels go out of their way to promote misconceptions, mis truths and misleading information to make their wild claims. Even your hardest working summer lawn tool, the spiffy lawnmower, is not exempt from these claims.

But here's the truth: blended E10 ethanol works in your lawnmower.

The good folks over at engine-maker Briggs and Stratton have a support page on this subject.
"Briggs & Stratton recommends that no more than 10% Ethanol be used in our engines."
And here's more good news. That clean-burning renewable ethanol will help keep your air looking good too!
"Reformulated fuel is gasoline that contains additional Oxygen in the blend. The additional Oxygen makes the combustion of the fuel and air more complete. This reduces emissions of all internal combustion engines."
E10 is available now and is the preferred oxygenate to keep your engine burning cleaner and the air cleaner too. Look for it when you next fill-up your vehicle and your lawnmower.

Source: Briggs and Stratton

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