Saturday, July 7, 2007

WSJ Poll: Americans Support Alternative Fuels

Poll Survey Vote Food vs Fuel Ethanol EnergyThe high price of transportation fuels is taking its toll at the gas pump and wallets of Americans at the grocery store. As we've pointed out here on, energy costs have been shown to be the reason why some food prices have increased recently.

In an encouraging sign, Americans have come to understand that our nation has to break its addiction to oil, especially oil from unreliable foreign sources by encouraging the development and use of clean-burning, renewable alternative fuels like ethanol.

In a recent Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive poll, a majority of Americans support alternative fuels:
"A majority of Americans believe it is important to reduce the energy consumption from automobile use. 79% of the respondents said encouraging the development and use of alternative fuels is important."
The survey also reported that most Americans say they are cutting back on nonessential driving in order to reduce energy consumption:
"Nearly 60% of respondents said they have minimized non-critical travel and 32% have put a hold on leisure road-trip travel, The Wall Street Journal Online/Harris Interactive poll found. Forty percent said they have adjusted their spending habits as a result of high fuel costs."


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