Sunday, July 22, 2007

NBC 6 News: Dairy Prices Increase Due to Supply Issues

A reporter for KCEN-TV, an NBC-affiliated station in Texas, emailed us recently to tell us that we've gotten the food price issue right. She also pointed us to this report on the station's website,, that also reported the supply issue is forcing higher milk prices. Check out both the web report, Dairy prices increase due to supply issues and Watch the Video.

The Key Points of the segment include:
  • While some believe that's [the demand for ethanol] part of the reason for the dairy price hike, McLennan County Dairy Farmer Steve Denton said it's more of a supply issue.
  • "We’re not able to keep up with the supply that the national needs as well as the export market," Denton said.
The report also correctly relates that drought in other countries such as Australia is causing increased demand for American milk products.


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