Tuesday, July 17, 2007

E85 Motorcycle Roars Into Iowa

E85 Motorcycle Chopper Corn Ethanol Food vs FuelUPDATE Sept 20, 2007: Iowa Farmer Wins E85 Chopper
UPDATE October 11, 2007: OCC Ethanol Chopper Episode Airs

America’s first renewable energy chopper which runs on clean burning E85 fuel was unveiled recently by the Iowa Farm Bureau. The custom motorcycle was designed and built by the world famous Orange County Choppers.

Some of the features of the bike include:

  • Corn Head "Scoop"
    Orange County Choppers designed the corn-head to represent the part of the machine used to harvest the corn crop: the combine.
  • E-85 Logo
    Flex-fuel vehicle use the "Made in USA" 85% ethanol fuel blend that is made in Iowa.
  • E85 Gas Cap
    E85 or 85% ethanol ethanol blended gas burns cleaner, which reduces green house gases, and is grown in Iowa and across America and helps increase our energy independence.
  • Livestock Seat
    Livestock like cattle, poultry and hogs eat what's left over from making ethanol: Dried Distillers Grains.

The custom-built bike is currently on a tour of Iowa this summer. The bike will be raffled off by the Iowa Farm Bureau with the proceeds going to the American Lung Associations Clean Air Choice program.

Source: Photo courtesy of Jointherideiowa.com

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