Monday, June 1, 2009

EPA Needs to Get Its Facts Right on Corn Ethanol

EPA Environmental Protection Agency corn ethanol acreIn the ongoing national debate about suspect calculations and assumptions created by the EPA to measure indirect land use for ethanol production, it's important that the EPA use sound science and real facts.

Just making up numbers to support a point of view is always a bad idea.

So it was very disheartening to see that wildly wrong information about corn ethanol seems to be flying around the EPA.

In testimony to House Small Business Committee Subcommittee, an EPA official (Office of Transportation and Air Quality) falsely testifies that it takes 64 acres of corn to produce one gallon of ethanol.

The truth is that every bushel of corn produces about about 3 gallons of ethanol.  And every acre produces on average over 150 bushels of corn.  And most importantly, every gallon of ethanol also produces valuable co-products like Dried Distillers Grains that remain highly nutritious as animal feed. Corn ethanol is both food AND fuel.

The EPA needs to get its facts right and not just make stuff up.

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