Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Record Corn Crop Planted

planted corn fieldNever underestimate the American farmer, despite the many obstacles they face.

From wet weather during planting season, higher input costs for seeds and fertilizer, rising land prices and a tight credit market, America's farmers faced a host of obstacles in getting their fields planted this spring.

But today's crop report from the USDA certainly proves the resiliance of American corn growers.

united States Department of Agriculture
Farmers planted 87 million corn acres in 2009, up 1 million acres from last year. This is the second-largest corn acreage in more than 60 years, behind 2007 and is up 1% from last year.

Despite wet weather in many growing areas, farmers reported that 97 percent of intended corn acreage was planted by early June, compared with the 10-year average of 98 percent.

And despite the naysayers who continue to argue against the capabilities of America's agriculture, America can grow both Food AND Fuel.

Source: USDA

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