Saturday, July 26, 2008

Open Fuel Standard Act Will Open Way for Flex Fuel Vehicles

US House Open Fuel Standard ActThe Open Fuel Standard Fuel Act (pdf), a tri-partisan legislation, was introduced in both houses of Congress this week to reduce dependence upon foreign oil by developing vehicles that use fuels other than gasoline.

The act, Senate bill 3303 and House bill 6559, would require that starting in 2012, 50% of new automobiles; and starting in 2015, 80% of new automobiles, be flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) that can operate with gasoline blends up to E85 (85%) ethanol or M85 (85% methanol), or be warranted to operate on biodiesel.

US Senate Open Fuel Standard ACtThe bills were sponsored by Senators Sam Brownback (KS), Ken Salazar (CO) and Joseph Lieberman (CT) and by Representatives Eliot Engel (NY-17), Jack Kingston (GA-1), Steve Israel (NY-2), and Bob Inglis (SC-4)

The alternative fuels can be made from a variety of sources, including switchgrass and other energy crops, coal, agricultural bi-products, corn, soybeans, natural gas and other materials. Making a flex-fuel vehicle costs the manufacturer about one hundred dollars per vehicle.
"This legislation gives Americans a choice at the pump by making fuel flexibility a standard feature of the majority of cars and trucks produced in the United States," said Senator Salazar. "In doing so, we will protect consumers from soaring gas prices, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and spur the further development of renewable fuel technologies that are central to our energy future. As our presence here today demonstrates, setting America on a path of energy independence is an effort that transcends party lines. We must all work together to make this vision of energy independence a reality."
Each year, well over half a trillion U.S. dollars are spent on oil imported from OPEC and non-OPEC nations.

Source: Senator Brownback

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