Saturday, June 30, 2007

Federal Government Expands Use of Renewable Fuels

The NEVC is reporting a milestone this week that helps the US Government expand its use of E85 infrastructure for its renewable fuel vehicles. Although the US Government has purchased Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFV) for several years, its fueling centers did not carry the E85 fuel.

The U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee this week approved a broad based energy package that included an amendment authored by Congressman Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) that would direct federal agencies to install pumps for renewable fuels like E85 at their fleet fueling centers.

“I was pleased the Committee accepted my amendment to expand the availability of E85 and renewable fuel pumps at federal government refueling stations,” Stupak said. “The federal government is the largest energy consumer in our nation and needs to lead by example. By mandating the expansion of renewable fuel pumps at federal refueling stations, we can ensure federal agencies increase their renewable fuel use and help America move away from its dependence on foreign oil.”

Executive Orders issued by Presidents Clinton and Bush directed federal agencies to increase their consumption of alternative fuels. Each year, the Department of Energy issues a progress report on compliance with the Orders. The reports found that while the federal government has invested significantly in purchasing alternative fuel vehicles, the vehicles continue to run on traditional gasoline because most federal refueling centers do not carry renewable fuels.

“Our nation needs to move towards fuel sources that are grown in the Midwest and stop relying on energy sources that come from the Middle East,” Stupak added. “Ensuring the federal government’s vehicles use renewable fuels will be a strong start.”

The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition is the nation’s primary advocate of the use of 85% ethanol as a form of alternative transportation fuel.

Source: National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition

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