Monday, June 25, 2007

Rainy Weekend in Illinois Restores Corn Crop's Health

Good news from WREX Channel 13 in Rockford IL that recent rains are keeping the state's corn crop looking good to excellent. Some key points gleaned from their full report:

  • A rainy weekend showered central Illinois with two or more inches of badly needed moisture and pumped new life into what had been a sagging Illinois corn crop.
  • A week ago, many of the state's corn farmers were worried. A dry six weeks had left their plants weak.
  • The U-S Department of Agriculture now estimates that 69 percent of the state's corn crop is in good or excellent shape, up from 56 percent last week.
  • The National Weather Service says rainfall between this weekend ranged from 3-point-1 inches in Springfield and 2-point-43 inches in Bloomington to 1-point-52 inches in Danville.
  • Illinois farmers planted a record 12-point-9 (m) million acres of corn this year to feed demand created by the increased production of the fuel additive ethanol
Source: WREX Channel 13
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