Friday, June 15, 2007

How Much Corn is in Those Flakes?

Corn growers in Ohio rallied recently to get the word out on the true cost impact of rising corn prices. In this media report, there were a number of startling facts concerning the true impact on food costs.

"Only 3 cents of corn goes into a box of cereal," "But the cost of a box of corn flakes is so high because of marketing and transportation costs. Same with a bag of corn chips."

Corn prices are up about 33 percent from where they were a year ago, but the impact of that price rise is a much smaller part of food cost increases than is being reported

"Plain and simple, corn prices are not the sole reason, or even the major reason for higher prices in the grocery aisle today,"

"Corn is part of a portion of food products," ... "And it is only a small part of those foods where it is included. A large portion of food price increases come from foods that don't contain corn including fish, fruits and vegetables."


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