Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Maybe as Easy as ABC?

Press reports today report that there's another new organization promoting alternative fuels.

American Biofuels Council Founded to Encourage Increased Use of Biofuels as Major Alternative Energy Source Among Consumers, Enterprises and Local Governments

'ABC' Aims to Point the Way, Showing Consumers, Enterprises and Local Governments How to Effectively Transition to Biofuels to Help Reduce Dependency on Foreign Oil, Lessen Effects of Greenhouse Gases on Global Warming, Create New Jobs and Reduce the Trade Deficit

ABC lays out several reasons why alternative fuels should be embraced:

  1. Energy Security. By producing fuel domestically we reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
  2. Reduced Emissions. Since biofuels are nearly carbon neutral they contribute very little greenhouse gases to global warming. Biofuels also reduce other harmful emissions dramatically.
  3. Economic. Producing our own fuel creates jobs and helps reduce our trade deficit by keeping our fuel buying dollars here at home.
  4. Sustainability. Since biofuels are produced from various sources of biomass the supply is almost limitless.

Source: American Biofuels Council

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