Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Corn Growers Jump on Demand

WTOC 11, Savannah Georgia, ran a report today that highlighted several key points regarding corn and ethanol. Some key points from their report are worth highlighting because they tell what others in the industry have known all along, that corn growers are meeting the new market demands for corn, ethanol helps to lower fuel prices and corn grower production methods are good for the environment:
  • What farmers plant in the field could soon help you pay less at the fuel pump.

  • When President Bush and others pushed for more ethanol made from corn, farmers planted corn in near record numbers this year.

  • Besides the great price right now, farmers have another reason to grow more corn. The stalks, the leaves and the rest make good compost to put back in the ground for next year's crops.

  • "They (livestock growers and ethanol manufacturers) don't like $4 corn. You know that's typical of agriculture," explained Bulloch County's UGA Extension Agent Pat Todd.

  • What profit farmers get from corn this year helps offset years of losses. He guesses he and others will plant it as long as the price holds.

Source: WTOC 11, Savannah Georgia
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