Monday, June 25, 2007

MSU Picked to Develop Future of Ethanol

The Detroit News reported today that the University of Michigan will be tapped to lead research into developing ethanol into a realistic part of the nation's energy future. Some key points from this development:

  • MSU and the University of Wisconsin will team up to figure out the basic science that would allow conversion of ordinary plant matter into fuel to replace gasoline.
  • Renewable-energy experts consider the effort to be vital as the United States seeks to curb its use of oil imports and fight global warming.
  • Scientists are eager to use ethanol produced from cellulose, a material found in all plant matter.
  • "It's very simple," said DeCicco. "We're looking at a need for some breakthroughs in fuel technology. It's been very difficult, and it's very, very important."

Source: Detroit News
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