Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big Food Launches Attack Site

Food Before Fuel Grocery Manufacturers Association GMA foodb4fuel foodtofuelAs part of its goals to end ethanol production, the Grocery Manufacturers Association unveiled its new anti-ethanol website at http://www.foodbeforefuel.org

Ah! you say, this is only about "corn ethanol". Well it's not. From their secret proposal, their goals include all ethanol.
This campaign will serve three important goals:
  1. Freeze or rollback the current corn ethanol mandate;
  2. Stop ongoing efforts to increase the current corn ethanol mandates from 15 to 20 or 22 billion gallons; and,
  3. Stymie state efforts to mandate that all gasoline include 10 percent or more ethanol.
This all fits nicely with the oil industry's efforts to eliminate competition to gasoline as well. As goes corn ethanol, so goes all ethanol.

We told you about their plans earlier when they were revealed by RollCall and Senator Grassley. The GMA's campaign comprises four main components:
  • Develop a left-leaning coalition of environmentalists, hunger and poverty activists and labor groups;
  • Blame food cost increases on biofuels (while ignoring the role of soaring energy costs);
  • Send anti-ethanol propaganda to food banks and other local opinion leaders;
  • Pay others to create "third-party" reports and spread their slanted points-of-view.
Senator Grassley exposed their coordinated smear campaign and released their proposal and their public relations company's plans:
Interestingly, their new site has a doppelgänger that appeared a few weeks ago at http://www.foodb4fuel.org There's an awful lot of money funding all of this activity.

Expect to see a lot more misinformation appear as they continue to roll-out their attacks.

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