Thursday, May 15, 2008

Big Food's Big Food Fight Finally Featured

Roll Call Beating Up on Ethanol Grocery Manufacturers Association GMAThe Grocery Manufacturers Association's (GMA) frightful attack campaign on biofuels was finally revealed in Wednesday's Roll Call newspaper.
"Rising food and fuel prices have led the biofuel industry to take a beating on Capitol Hill the past few weeks. But the pummeling hasn’t been by chance — it’s part of a concerted effort spearheaded by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Glover Park Group."
The GMA launched its aggressive multi-million dollar, 6-month campaign against ethanol on behalf of its members to turn public opinion against the American-grown renewable fuel.

GMA officers come from well-known American food manufacturers which include Campbell Soup, Del Monte Foods, and Lakeside Foods.

The GMA's campaign comprises four main components:
  • Develop a left-leaning coalition of environmentalists, hunger and poverty activists and labor groups;
  • Blame food cost increases on biofuels (while ignoring the role of soaring energy costs);
  • Send anti-ethanol propaganda to food banks and other local opinion leaders;
  • Pay others to create "third-party" reports and spread their slanted points-of-view.
The goals apparently are to attack corn-based ethanol at every level, poison public opinion and to get Congress to reverse its support of the alternative fuel.

Unfortunately for the GMA, not all of its members think attacking American agriculture is such a good idea. Someone apparently provided Roll Call with a full and detailed copy of the attack plan.

And it's no coincidence that the American Petroleum Institute has launched its own multi-million dollar image campaign. Industry insiders tell us that the same PR companies are involved with both efforts.

How convenient.

Other bloggers have started sharing this amazing story to destroy ethanol through this well-funded and slick "inside the beltway" effort. Read more accounts HERE, HERE and HERE.

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