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***Food and Fuel Quiz, 4-27-08***

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Weekly Trivia Quiz, April 27, 2008

How good are you at Food and Fuel trivia for the week? Try our new weekly trivia quiz. Answers and scoring below the questions. Post your scores in the comments. Good luck!

1. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad remarked that the price of oil is a) way too high Dudes b) just about right or c) too low.

2. General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner spoke in China about the challenges of automotive energy. He said that politicians who blame biofuels for rising food prices are "shockingly uninformed". What did he say was the real cost of higher food prices?

3. The price of gas and diesel rocketed even higher this past week. Was the average gas price HIGHER or LOWER than $3.49 a gallon

4. High diesel prices are straining the transportation industry. Was the average price of diesel HIGHER or LOWER than $4.10 a gallon this week?

5. In a new study by Argonne National Laboratory, ethanol plants were found to use less of what two things?

6. What is the name of author Robert Zubrin's book where he advocates an open fuel market to create competition to gasoline?

7. The new report by Iowa State University shows that ethanol lowers gas price by up to how many cents per gallon?

8. According to author Robert Zubrin, OPEC can keep gas prices high because of a a) farmer's market b) horizontal market or c) vertical market?

9. Texas governor Rick Perry mistakenly blames what for higher food prices?

10. What recent findings from Texas A&M University did Rick Perry ignore when requesting a waiver from the RFS? Fill in the blank:
"The underlying force driving changes in the agricultural industry, along with the economy as a whole, is overall higher ______ costs, evidenced by $100 per barrel oil."

BONUS QUESTION: (also worth 10 points)

B1. Which former CIA director warns that foreign oil is a threat to our nation's national security?


Earn 10 points for each correct answer.

100 points : Food and Fuel Champ
80-90 points : Great! Keep it up.
60-70 points : Good, but you can do better.
10 - 50 points : Need to visit the site more often
0 points : Are you working for Big Oil?


1. c) Too Low (or cheap)
2. Higher fuel costs
3. HIGHER, $3.508
4. HIGHER, $4.143
5. Energy and water
6. Energy Victory
7. 40 cents per gallon
8. Vertical market
9. Ethanol
10. Energy

B1. James Woolsey

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