Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Autoline Detroit Examines Ethanol

Autoline Detroit Ethanol E85 E10 Food vs Fuel Food versus Fuel Detroit High performance engineAutoline Detroit, the longest running weekly broadcast dedicated solely to discussing and dissecting the inner workings of the auto industry, has an informative show available online concerning the merits of ethanol.

The show's host, award winning journalist John McElroy, examines the promise of energy alternatives which at times he describes as seemingly fictional as the Land of Oz.

In this episode of the show, McElroy visits an ethanol refinery and also talks with Mary Beth Stanek, the Director of General Motors' Environment, Energy & Safety Policy and Professor Bruce Dale, one of the foremost academic experts in the ethanol arena, and Jim Zook, the plant manager for U.S. Bio Woodbury.

The experts discuss the merits of "net energy", "food and fuel", cellulosic ethanol, dried distillers grains and the benefits of using ethanol over gasoline. Watch the show video HERE.

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