Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Ethanol Plant Produces Both Food and Fuel

Lifeline Ethanol Plant Food vs Fuel EnergyNearly 1,000 people were in attendance last week as LifeLine Foods celebrated the opening of Missouri's newest ethanol plant in St. Joseph. Industry dignitaries as well as state and community leaders participated in the open house and ribbon cutting at the new site.

The ethanol plant joins LifeLine Foods' corn processing facility, established in 2001 by a group of corn farmers looking for ways to add value to their product. "We are very, very excited, and so are the ICM engineers. It is what we'd call a new generation facility," said LifeLine Foods President and CEO Bill Becker.

This new generation ethanol facility features a mill in the front of the plant that separates the corn kernel into its component parts. This technique enables increased utilization of the starch within the kernel. The resulting higher quality starches will be used for food customers whereas the lower quality starches will be used to produce ethanol. This process helps ensure the availability of corn for both food and fuel needs.

Source: Missouri Corn Growers Association

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