Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Michigan Group Promotes Ethanol

A new group has formed to support the use and production of ethanol in Michigan. The new nonprofit group,, wants to create more support for ethanol in the state. The group gets its name from the its goal of $55 billion dollars worth of economic value from ethanol in Michigan over 10 years.

According to a recent news article one of the site's founders was at first an ethanol skeptic:
One of the founders is local Realtor Tom Darger, who at first didn't buy into the ethanol craze. "I was one of those guys back in 2000 who thought ethanol was part of the big corn lobby," Darger said. "But I started reading some of the info on it, and now I'm flipped over and think ethanol is very viable and seems to make a lot of sense for Michigan."
The group's website has information on flex fuel vehicles (FFV), ethanol stations in the state and other tips on how consumers can support ethanol in Michigan.

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