Saturday, August 18, 2007

Colorado Corn Growers Address Food Prices

Colorado corn growers are taking a proactive approach to let consumers know that despite what they hear from the media, food cost increases are not being driven by higher corn prices.

In an event held this week, farmers discussed the cost of food and the increased demand for ethanol.
"The national media would have you believe the increased demand for corn… is responsible for increases in everything from apples to zucchini," said Mark Sponsler, executive director of the Colorado Corn Growers Association. "The real impact of the corn for fuel industry is much less significant than some would have you believe."
Sponsler noted that food produced with corn have seen increases that amount to pennies. However, they do not think it is solely due to ethanol production.

In addition, Sponsor shared that the media ignores the impact of petroleum and higher energy costs on production, marketing and the fact that labor account for more than sixty percent of every dollar spent at the grocery store.

Corn growers were not alone in noting that corn is getting a bad rap. A spokesman with the Colorado Farm Bureau Federation suggested that reports of corn increasing the cost of other groceries comes from oil companies who want to make E-85 fuel look bad.
"Make no mistake about it," said Troy Bredenkamp with the Colorado Farm Bureau Federation. "There's an organized campaign going on by special interest groups that will be harmed if renewables take a part of their market share."
Two Denver television stations aired reports on the event. Click HERE for NBC Channel 9 and HERE for CBS Channel 4


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