Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Root for Ethanol Today - ACE's Letter to the Editor Campaign

The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) has started a new "Root for Ethanol" Letter to the Editor campaign.

According to ACE, "ethanol's supporters must not be silent as ethanol's opponents are hitting the pavement to stop our progress. Now is the time to spread the good word about ethanol and its benefits!

During the month of August, ACE challenges all ethanol supporters to write a letter to the editor of their local paper. Please help shape public opinion by sending a letter to the editor of your local paper. It's time for grassroots ethanol supporters to take action and correct the latest misinformation hitting the streets. By rooting together, for the same cause and with the same facts, we can spread our message far and wide.

Writing a letter to the editor can help shape public opinion. Please help turn the tide of the negative ethanol coverage by letting your voice be heard!"

Click THIS LINK to get started at ACE's Root for Ethanol page.

Sample Letter from ACE's Legislative Action Center:
The anti-ethanol chorus is growing louder, those conveniently blaming all the world's problems on ethanol. The latest argument of ethanol driving up food prices sounds alarming, until you look at the facts. Sure, corn prices do factor in to some foods, but to find the real culprit in the grocery store aisle you should look at energy costs. High crude oil prices translate into high fuel costs, not only at the pump, but also in the consumer goods that are dependent upon energy for processing, packaging, and transportation. Corn is only a tiny fraction of the overall food-price picture.

With Big Oil cheering them on, food companies are loudly bemoaning higher corn prices and demanding a halt to more ethanol. Well, corn prices have dropped significantly since the USDA announced this year's large corn crop. If food prices went up because of higher corn prices, have lower corn prices brought them back down? If not, we may have just identified more evidence that this "food vs. fuel" debate has been manufactured without all the facts in hand -- or worse yet, created for the purpose of profit.
Source: American Coalition for Ethanol


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