Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blogs Offer Insight on Food and Fuel

one year blog publishingIn the one year that FoodandFuelAmerica has published "Good and Balanced Food and Fuel News!", we've had over 400,00 visitors who have viewed about 1.3 million pages on the site.

But in that same year, several other have emerged or became more popular discussing agriculture and biofuels on both sides of the food and fuel issue.

Here are some of our favorites.

American FuelsAmerican Fuels - Offers insightful factual information on Food and Fuel issues. Site includes an RSS feed as well as an email subscription option.

Good FuelsGood Fuels - A relatively new site from the Renewable Fuels Association. Offers daily news and commentary on biofuel news.

Advanced Biofuels and Climate InformationAdvanced Biofuels and Climate Change - A blog from BIO that discusses biofuels and climate change issues.

Clean Fuels Development CoalitionClean Fuels - A blog from the Clean Fuels Development Coalition. Offers periodic news and commentary on biofuel policy issues.

CornCommentary Corn Commentary NCGACorn Commentary - An agricultural blog from the National Corn Growers Association. The site offers daily insights on corn, agriculture and the events of the day that affect the nation’s corn producers.

Domestic FuelDomestic Fuel - The blog provides news about the domestic fuel industry including ethanol and biodiesel. From time to time, other renewable fuels like wind and solar are discussed.

For our readers' convenience, recent entries from these blogs appear in the right-hand column of every page on our site. More web and blog links are available on our LINKS page

On the flip side, several new blogs have appeared which present the most negative and radical points of view.

Food Before Fuel foodb4fuel Grocery Manufacturers AssociationGMAFood B4 Fuel - Rumored to be the online efforts of the Grocery Manufacturer's Association's campaign against ethanol. Foodb4fuel blogs several posts each day denigrating America's farmers and efforts to reduce foreign oil dependence while blaming ethanol for all food cost increases. Balanced Food and FuelBalanced Food and Fuel - A coalition of meat groups---most notably the American Meat Institute - runs this site to present an unbalanced view that ethanol is responsible for food cost increases and environmental damages.

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Happy birthday. You have done a lot of good work over the last year. Hope you see many more years of even greater success.