Friday, June 13, 2008

USDA to Tyson Foods: Stop Using Misleading Label

Tyson Foods chicken Rasied Without Antibiotics labelThe USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued a letter to Tyson Foods, Inc. rescinding the "Raised Without Antibiotics That Impact Human Antibiotic Resistance" label.

FSIS ensures labels are not false and misleading. In December 2007, FSIS approved the qualified raised without antibiotics label based on information provided by Tyson Foods, Inc.

However, the FSIS found that Tyson Food routinely used the antibiotic Gentamicin to prevent illness and death in chicks.

The action was prompted by protests from other chicken producers crying "foul" over Tyson's claims. Tyson must stop using the label or any variation by June 18, 2008.

UPDATE 6/13 - The NWAnews reports today that Tyson Foods is suing USDA over this ruling:
Tyson Foods Inc., the second largest U. S. chicken producer, sued the U. S. Department of Agriculture to block a new rule requiring the company to alter its labeling concerning the use of antibiotics.
Source: USDA FSIS Statement on Tyson Foods

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