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***Food and Fuel Quiz, 6-1-08***

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Weekly Trivia Quiz, June 1, 2008

How good are you at Food and Fuel trivia for the week? Try our new weekly trivia quiz. Answers and scoring below the questions. Post your scores in the comments. Good luck!

1. Which of these is going to fuel the 2008 National Democratic Convention? a) Obama Oxygenated diesel? b) Hillary Hydrogen c) E85 ethanol?

2. What unusual source is this fuel coming from?

3. Corn growers asking its members to contact which trade group to tell them to stop their attacks on ethanol?

4. Buying American-made products is "patriotic patriotism". How big was the US trade deficit in 2007?

5. Was the average gas price LOWER or HIGHER than $3.92 cents this week?

6. How many billion miles less were driven on all public roads in March 2008 than March 2007?

7. Which University released a new study showing that ethanol was not the major factor in food price increases?

8. The president of the American Agriculture Movement got fired up over the Grocery Manufacturers Association's smear campaign against ethanol. Which two unusual words did he use to describe their tactics?

9. Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutcison introduced legislation to waive the RFS requirements. Did the Texas A&M study show that doing so WOULD or WOULD NOT significantly lower corn prices?

Campbell Soup CEO blamed ethanol legislation for causing less wheat acres to be grown. Did the USDA crop reports show this was a true statement?

BONUS QUESTION: (also worth 10 points)

B1. How much did the American Petroleum Institute spend on federal lobbying in 2007?


Earn 10 points for each correct answer.

100 points : Food and Fuel Champ
80-90 points : Great! Keep it up.
60-70 points : Good, but you can do better.
10 - 50 points : Need to visit the site more often
0 points : Are you working for Big Oil?


1. c) E85 Ethanol
2. Waste beer from Molson Coors
3. Companies which lead the Grocery Manufacturers Association
4. $711.6 billion
5. HIGHER, $3.937
6. 11 billion less miles
7. University of Nebraska - Lincoln
8. "dastardly" and "treasonous"
9. WOULD NOT significantly lower corn prices
10. The USDA showed it to be FALSE. Wheat acres were up in 2007 and also in the 2008 planting projections on the USDA website.


B1. $4 million

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