Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gas Prices Climb Higher Each Week

high gas prices June 2008The average price of regular gasoline jumped nearly 4 cents per gallon this week to $3.976 according to the Department of Energy. This is up nearly 82 cents from a year ago at this same time.

Diesel prices also remain high at $4.707 per gallon, up an astonishing $1.908 cents per gallon from a year ago at this time.

Higher gasoline prices impact motorists leaving drivers with less money to spend on food and shelter. And higher transportation costs get passed on to consumers in higher prices for most other goods and services.

Source: Department of Energy

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1 comment:

Riksgrinebitteren said...

4 Dollars a gallon is nothing, european countries pay up to 9 dollars a gallon now! This website is talking about oil prices over 150, 200, 400 and up to $ 800 dollars a barrel for crude oil, or 15 dollars a gallon or 5 dollar a liter for gas in a couple of years from now.

I think we need an alternativ fuel sources soon.