Sunday, May 4, 2008

Big Food Opposes Food Safety Funding Efforts

Campbell Soup Del Monte Foods Grocery Manufacturers GMA Scot Faber Food SafetyBig Food companies represented by the Grocery Manufacturers Association are asking sympathizers to contact Congress to oppose funding better inspection and safer foods for American consumers through user fees on imported foods.

According to the email the GMA wrote to send to Congress, this is a Big Food money issue: "Raising taxes on imported foods, as proposed in H.R. 3610, would place a costly new burden on food companies"

Representative John Dingell Food Safety FDABuying only American food? You should pay more to fund inspections of foreign food according to GMA's leaders such as Campbell Soup, Del Monte Foods, Nestle, Sara Lee, Hormel and H.J. Heinz.

Michigan Representative John Dingell, Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce praised others involved with the legislation in working to build a better and safer FDA inspection system for Americans:
"I am pleased to note the drug industry’s willingness to work with us in addressing these problems. While we may differ on the details, in marked contrast to food manufacturers, the drug industry appears to recognize that a safer drug supply is not only in the interest of the public health, but also in the interest of their bottom line."
More information regarding the proposed legislation is available in the Discussion Draft of HR 3610, FDA Globalization Act of 2008

The Biotechnology Industry Organization's written testimony appears to be in stark contrast with Big Food:
BIO would urge this Subcommittee to ensure that, if new user fees are created, that the amount and use of any new user fees are set forth clearly in any new legislation, to ensure both transparency and accountability. It also is essential that any new inspection user fees paid by BIO members are not duplicative of existing registration and establishment fees, and are specifically allocated to inspections of their facilities, not used to subsidize the inspections of other regulated parties‟ establishments.
After years of "blind trust" of Big Food companies, the FDA needs more funding for inspecting imported foreign food. Americans deserve to know that their food is safe when purchased from around the world. And Americans who buy local and domestic foods should not have to pay more higher taxes to line the pockets of Big Food.

Consumers who want to stay informed on food recalls can visit the USDA website to see the latest recall information,

The USDA offers a number of educational programs and websites to assist consumers in safe preparation of foods. Visit an overview HERE.


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