Sunday, August 10, 2008

Big Food Continues the Big Fight

Food before Fuel criticsHaving lost their latest round to thwart energy security, Big Food and Big Meat are rallying for their next attempt at rolling back biofuel advances.

Over the past year, they've lost political and economic arguments with the signing of the historic energy bill and a dramatic defeat in their attempt to foist a waiver of the Renewable Fuels Standard.

So now they are indicating they'll try a new tactic of damning biofuels on environmental charges. In their latest tirade, the groups trumpeted Lester Brown, ever the pessimist on American food production:
Many supporters of the waiver request also note the environmental damage caused by food-to-fuel mandates.
“It is unfortunate but unsurprising that EPA has once again ignored a stark environmental reality,” said Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute.
Perpetual critics of American production agriculture must be giddy with delight. Why spend all of the effort when you can let the big food corporations rip American agriculture apart?

By partnering with extreme environmentalists and perpetual food production critics, Big Food and Big Meat have chosen poor bedfellows. Damning agriculture damns everyone in the system. If that corn, or soybean, or wheat, or pork, or beef, is damaging the environment, then every cookie, loaf of bread, pork chop and beef steak is guilty as well.

"Ethanol production is bad, but my cornbread and beef are good". Big Food and Big Meat can't have it both ways.

Their continued scorched-earth policy tactics of targeting biofuels will have a lasting, damaging effect upon all of agriculture. And less food production means less food for everyone.

Source: Food Before Fuel

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