Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pumping Up E85 Pumps

Rep. Herseth SandlinIt's still a chicken or egg issue when it comes to changing how we fuel our vehicles.

We need more renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel. And the energy bill signed last year helped to set us on the path of cleaner burning, renewable fuels made here in the USA.

But we also need more Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs). And even more importantly, we need more fueling stations that offer more of both fuels.

Rep. John ShimkusLate last week Rep. Herseth Sandlin (SD) and Rep. John Shimkus (IL) introduced bipartisan legislation that increases the availability of homegrown, renewable biofuels like E85 and biodiesel at gas stations across the country.

The E85 and Biodiesel Access Act (H.R. 6734) streamlines the process and provides greater incentives for service station owners to install equipment to dispense E85 and biodiesel – and in doing so, it increases consumer access to these homegrown biofuels and enhances the United States’ energy security.
“With gas prices at an all-time high and our energy security resting in the hands of hostile foreign nations, we need to be giving Americans greater access to biofuels at the pump,” Herseth Sandlin said. “This bill helps gas station owners play an active role in furthering the development of the burgeoning biofuels industry, and gives consumers the option to utilize clean sources of fuel that support South Dakota’s rural economies and encourage American energy independence.”

“I understand there is an expense when installing E-85 pumps, and the ease of adding an E-85 pump varies based on the existing underground infrastructure,” Shimkus said. “But, this legislation will help provide station owners an incentive to sell this American-made fuel.”
Source: Rep. Herseth Sandlin

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