Friday, August 1, 2008

Texas Cleans Up in the Reality Aisle!

Texas Price Check Fed UpDon't Mess with Texas! At least when it comes to the food price argument.

A new website, Texas Price Check, sets out to show the truth about food price increases.
Someone has made a mess of the truth about food prices by knocking over the facts and spilling false information all over the place.

It’s time somebody mopped up.

Texans need to understand what’s really pumping up food prices.

Welcome to Texas Price Check. Where the facts are fresh.

Where false rumors are spoiled. And you always get satisfying, homegrown Texas truth.
The best info includes that over the past 50 years, corn prices have gone up by 250% while oil prices have increased 4200% So the site asks, "What Do You Really Think is Pumping Up Food Prices?"

Source: Texas Price Check

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