Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Report Addresses Ethanol Issues

According to a new report by a broad coalition of industry, government and non-profit organizations released Monday, producing fuel ethanol in the United States generates jobs and wealth by processing domestic resources into clean burning transportation fuels.

The report, The 2007 Edition of the Ethanol Fact Book (pdf), is published by the Clean Fuels Development Coalition and distributed through the Ethanol Across America campaign. The main report is 60 pages but the Executive Summary (pdf) makes for easier reading.

The Ethanol Fact Book addresses issues regarding the ethanol tax incentive, energy security and oil import reductions, economic impacts and benefits to the U.S. Treasury, greenhouse gas reduction and environmental benefits, and advancements in cellulose conversion technologies. In addition, it addresses the developments in flexible fuel vehicle production and current issues such as food versus fuel and net energy balance

Source: Ethanol Across America

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