Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Petroleum-based Plastic Bag Ban Begins

Shoppers in San Francisco will probably now hear, "Paper or... Paper?" starting this week. According to an article in San Francisco, a ban on petroleum-based plastic bags began Tuesday.
"Officials say the estimated 180 million plastic bags handed out in the city each year cause litter, hurt wildlife and often end up in a massive patch of swirling plastic junk in the middle of the Pacific."
The good news is that biobased, biodegradable bags, usually made from corn-starch, can be used. A quick Google search found several manufacturers, including this one. So that got us thinking... how do consumers and businesses find biobased products?

The two best sources we found are:
There have been a number of initiatives to jump-start the biobased economy. But there's certainly room for improvement in getting the US Government to purchase biobased products.

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