Friday, November 23, 2007

Firelogs are Going Green

Can fire be green? Yes, if it's a Duraflame firelog.

The company has announced that it is dropping petroleum-based wax for plant waxes.

In this article from the Stockton CA RecordNet, the company announced its move toward biobased waxes.
And now, Duraflame officials said they will use only plant-based waxes in their branded firelog products, eliminating consumption of 100 million pounds of petroleum wax per year.
Besides supporting renewable energy sources, the move has significant environmental benefits:
The primary advantage of the plant-based waxes is that they are from a renewable resource and carbon-neutral in terms of adding to carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. That's because soy plants or pine trees, for example, take carbon dioxide from the air to produce oil and resins. In contrast, burning petroleum wax releases carbon trapped underground for millennia.
As consumers demand for greener and renewable fuel sources goes mainstream, we'll see more companies looking to meet that demand.

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