Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Poll Shows Strong Support for Biofuels

A new poll by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) reveals concern among consumers about the worsening energy situation and strong support for three key policies to begin addressing it, including higher passenger vehicle fuel economy standards, the purchase of renewable energy by electric utilities and increased production of biofuels.

Survey findings include:
  • Concern over U.S. dependence on oil from the Middle East has grown dramatically and now almost equals concern about prices. 76 percent of respondents express concern over imports (56 percent express great concern). This is almost equal to the 78 percent who express concern about prices (63 percent express great concern).
  • An overwhelming majority (84 percent) support three requirements in Congressional energy legislation:
    • l) higher fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles;
    • 2) the purchase of renewable energy by electric utilities, and
    • 3) expanded production of biofuels.
  • An overwhelming majority (75 percent) still supports these proposals after hearing arguments from opponents of the legislation.
  • Opposition to these policies is meager (between 13 and 22 percent).
Source: Consumer Federation of America

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