Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Big Oil and Big Food's Do-Si-Do

Grocery Manufacturers AssociationIt's long been suspected that the campaign against biofuels had an alliance between big oil companies and the big food manufacturers.

Associations representing each industry have been vocal about US efforts to develop a renewable fuels industry.

But the distance between the seemingly disparate groups grew a bit smaller today when it was revealed that the head of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Cal Dooley, was leaving his post to head the American Chemistry Council.
American Chemistry Council
And why is that top spot open? Because its leader, Jack Gerard, is heading off -- to all places -- the American Petroleum Institute (API).

American Petroleum InstituteOver at the API, longtime CEO Red Cavaney is retiring and stepping down from the organization that represents major oil companies.

Recent efforts by the Grocery Manufacturers Association to roll-back renewable fuel efforts have been in the spotlight. What more could API want than to see its only competition get kicked around?

But legislators and biofuel supporters have also mobilized to counter the fuzzy facts from Big Food and Big Oil.

Maybe the heat got too hot in the kitchen. Who knows.

One can only hope that the Grocery Manufacturers Association, under public and private pressure to tone down its vicious campaign, will choose a less contentious leader for the organization.

Source: The Hill

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