Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Governors and General Motors Team Up for E85

General Motors E85 ethanol National Governors AssociationThe nation's largest automaker, General Motors, and the National Governors Association announced this week that they will work together to expand the number of E85 ethanol fueling stations across the country.

E85 ethanol fuel is 85% ethanol and 15% regular gasoline. E85 fuel can be used in Flexible Fuel Vehicles produced by the major automakers. The benefit is that FFVs can use either E85, gasoline or a mixture of both.

GM will assist states in finding appropriate places to put the ethanol pumps and provide additional technical expertise. The company has already helped bring 300 E85 pumps online in 15 states during the last three years. The country's 1,600th E85 station recently opened in Florida last month

GM said it will commit to making 50 percent of production flex-fuel capable by 2012, if the infrastructure is moving ahead. The company also has made recent significant investments in two ethanol companies, Coskata and Mascoma. These companies are working on new ethanol production processes to make ethanol from a variety of sources.

In announcing the agreement, National Governors Association (NGA) chair and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty stated:
"This collaboration with GM will help increase the availability of E85 around the country, providing more consumer choice and moving us toward a more secure energy future''
This announcement to increase the number of stations is a validation of ethanol. And for ethanol to remain a success, the number of vehicles, stations and gallons produced need to increase.

Source: General Motors, National Governors Association

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